5 Facts about Marketing that might, or might not, Surprise You

Marketing is a combination of a lot of different facts and things, and then sometimes it isn’t, that depends on information and data compiled through research.


Some of the most important facts, or things, to remember about marketing:

  1. Marketing works through strategies; therefore it is strategic. A marketing team will plan for tomorrow and next year, ensuring that they have interest and possible clients for the future.  Where a sales team mostly prefers to sell something today and think about tomorrow, when tomorrow comes.
  2. Marketing is an important element of your business’s success; where great marketing can sell a mediocre product or service, but without the marketing, the product won’t sell. Even, a great product can have difficulty in selling itself without the correct marketing approach.  Marketing can make a difference.
  3. Marketing is a reaction; though this may seem wrong, because, you do marketing to get a reaction. The idea gives the impression of a lack of beforehand planning.  It actually only means that marketing is ongoing, it should be flexible because the marketing environment is changing the whole time.  What worked today, might not work tomorrow.
  4. Marketing does not only generate leads; even though this is an important part of marketing, it is only one element of a successful, working, marketing plan.
  5. Marketing is not the same as Sales; and a good salesperson might not be a good marketer. Salespeople notice the parts of marketing that will influence their sales, like lead generating.  They do not take the other components that make-up marketing, into account.

Marketing cannot be run like a process; you cannot put limitations like spreadsheets, checklists, and reports that have to be followed strictly, on a great marketing plan.  As mentioned before, marketing needs to be flexible and need to adapt and change to be able to succeed in this changing environment.