The term, ‘marketing’, developed from the original action that literally meant going to the market to sell the goods you had.  Marketing has been practiced for millennia, but the term ‘marketing’ only became popular during the late nineteenth century.  Marketing describes commercial activities, in other words, buying or selling activities, that includes products or services.

Studies have found that there is evidence of advertising a product through labeling, packaging, and branding from antiquity.  Apparently, it is argued, that branding became a necessity in ancient Mesopotamia during the 4th century BCE, because of the urban revolution and the start of large-scale, mass production of commodities.

From Antiquity till now, marketing has evolved to becoming a concept that no company, or product, or service, can achieve positive growth, without.  It has become a means to create a way that consumers can be aware of what they offer.

Marketing, as the modern world knows it, is the process of creating, always new, eye-catching, ways to communicate the excellence of your products or services to the consumer.  It also indicates the level of activities you are to undertake to get the products or services to customers, partners, and clients.

Marketing is a way to draw attention to your products and services, and to imprint on the consumer that it is something that they, actually, really, need or want.